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Best Places in Richmond For Mother's Day

Joseph Coupal - Monday, April 28, 2014

If you live in an apartment in Glen Allen, VA then here are some ideas about where to take mom on Mother’s Day. There are an abundance of perfectly mom-friendly outings in our area. In honor of Mother’s Day, we’ve compiled a list of the top ten.

The ten best places to take mom out in and around Richmond.

1. Maymont

This Richmond classic works on so many mom levels it’s almost too easy; beautiful gardens, a historic mansion tour with an upstairs/downstairs twist, butterflies, a carriage collection, fluffy bunnies. And while mom admires the horticulture, you can go hang out with the bears.

2. Afternoon Tea at the Jefferson

The Jefferson is the grand matriarch of all Richmond hotels. Take your own family matriarch here for fancy finger sandwiches, scones, tea, and even a little bubbly. You will score at least six months of favorite child status.

3. West End Antiques Mall

53,000 square feet of antiques. I repeat. 53,000 square feet of antiques. The issue with an outing to this West End staple will be getting your mom to leave. Wear comfortable shoes. And bring a book.

4. A Matinee at Hanover Tavern

Not only will mom love the historic, rural setting, you can rest assured that any play put on here by VA Rep will be filled with folksy, non-risqué family fun. This is not the setting where you have to worry about inadvertently subjecting your mother to on-stage nudity.

5. The Virginia Museum of Fine Art

Maybe your mother admires classic European paintings. Maybe she’s into pop art and is dying to see the new Tom Wesselmann exhibit. Or maybe she would just really love to have a drink at Best Café on the outdoor terrace. No matter her tastes, there is guaranteed to be something at the VMFA that will your mom happy.

6. Bird-watching with the Richmond Audubon Society

If your mother is of a certain age, chances are there is currently a pair of binoculars and a Birds of Virginia field manual on her back porch. If that is the case she’ll love to go on one of the Richmond Audubon Society’s guided bird-watching tours in locations like the Flood Wall, Bryan Park or Lewis Ginter.

7. Ashland Coffee & Tea

Out of all the nearby music venues, Ashland Coffee & Tea may be the most mom-friendly. The music is dependably great but fairly mellow. Everyone gets to sit down. She can order snacks and warm beverages throughout the show. There are usually no obnoxiously drunk people or heavily pierced youths hanging around. It’s mom heaven.

8. Segway Tour of Richmond

There is just no way to look cool or in any way impressive riding a Segway around downtown Richmond. So why not embrace the dorkiness and add mom to the mix as well? If she’s a history buff or a Daniel Day Lewis fan, she’ll love the Lincoln in Richmond tour.

9. Library of Virginia

You know all the times during your childhood your mom tried to tell you about family history and you nodded your head but really zoned out? Make up for it with a trip to the Library of Virginia where your mom can look up family genealogy and records in their massive collection. And try to pay attention this time.

10. Carytown

The best place in Richmond to turn a quick outing with mom into a daylong bonding session. Start with brunch at Can Can. Then shop until your feet hurt. Catch your breath with a matinee at the Byrd. And top it all off with a glass of wine. Simple, sweet, and perfectly Richmond. Just the way mom likes.

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